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Eurograded Safes

Euro graded Safes
Euro graded safes are frequently tested and certified in accordance with a common European norm for testing and rating safes (EN1143-1).  These ‘Eurograde safes’ safes carry a label on the back of the door clearly stating their security rating and the testing house that conducted the testing.  In the UK, suggested maximum overnight cash limits according to grade are as follows:

Grade 0   = up to £6,000
Grade I   =  up to £10,000
Grade 2   =  up to £17,500
Grade 3   =  up to £35,000
Grade 4   =  up to £60,000
Grade 5   =  up to £100,000
Grade 6   =  £150,000 and upwards

A to Z's Q and A

Could the price of my insurance policy reduce with a safe? Yes, your policy may reduce in cost.

Should I check with my insurance company before buying a safe? Yes, they may require you to purchase one from a with the right grade

Can safes protect against fire and burglary? Yes certain safes protect against both of these. Look out for our Eurograde safes that include fire protection for paper.