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Home and Office Safes

HOME & OFFICE SAFES are ideal for protecting valuable items such as money, jewellery and paper work/documents where fire protection is not a priority. These security safes are suitable for the home and business. It is important to purchase a security safe that is matched to the value it has to protect. These safes are graded by a given cash rating. The cash rating on a safe will help you decide the grade of the safe you need. Insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating of the valuables. For example, a £1,000 cash rating would become £10,000 for material contents (Please check this with your insurer first). HOME & OFFICE SAFES are designed to offer burglar resistance. The level of protection offered will depend upon the design of the safe i.e body thickness, (single or double walled construction) door thickness, locking mechanism and weight of the safe. All these design features will help determine the cash rating given to the safe.