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Ratner RQ4 900

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Manufacturer: Ratner Safes
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The first safe in our high risk Ratner series features new thinking in security construction, gives all-round resistance against attack, including oxy-arc, oxyacetylene, drills and cutters, plus excellent fire protection.

The locking mechanism and boltwork are of improved design and Ratner automatic relocking devices give added protection against explosive attack.

The mechanism incorporates a special highly sensitive unit which reacts to attack on the door by various modern methods and actuates the Ratner relocking devices automatically. A unique insulation system including copper is used to reinforce the protection of Ranaloy. Ratner 8500 safes are finished in attractive dual tone, with dark grey body and warm white door.

The body thickness is 4 1/2" (114 mm) with a minimum of 1 1/2" (38 mm) metal protection throughout. Ranaloy blowtorch and drill resistant alloy, our own material developed to defeat the increasing ingenuity of the burglar employing oxy-acetylene forms of attack, is incorporated throughout the body.

The overall door thickness is 6" (152 mm) with a minimum protective metal thickness of 2 1/2" (63 mm) including Ranaloy blowtorch and drill resistant alloy.

A highly sophisticated system is employed. A specially sensitive unit reacts to attack by various methods and actuates the Ratner relocking devices automatically. The bolts when engaged with the frame of the door will resist, in shear, a force of at least 35 tons per square inch. Top and bottom moving bolts are provided.

The boltwork is controlled by one or two Ratner key-locks, each supplied with detachable bitted keys in duplicate. Alternative locking can be by means of twin four-wheel combination locks, or by one combination and one keylock. Fitted to the door and working in conjunction with the locks are Ratner anti-explosive devices. The "live' Ratner A.E.D. is brought automatically into engagement with the boltwork every time the safe is locked and thus ensures that the door cannot be opened even if the main locks are damaged or destroyed by any method of attack. An additional thermal relocking device is fitted, actuated by heat, for extra protection against flame cutting attack.

The two-movement 120 hour Time Lock can be fitted on larger sizes and operates independently of any other form of locking.

Interior Fittings

  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Document drawers 3" high. Document drawers 6" high.
  • Cupboard unit 12" high x 20" deep x 20" wide.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Ratner RQ4 900 1900 1150 / 750 / 822 900 / 500 / 500 225
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Model Ratner RQ4 900
Weight 1900
External H / W / D (mm) 1150 / 750 / 822
Internal H / W / D (mm) 900 / 500 / 500
Volume (litres) 225
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