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Rosengren Bankers 6826

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Manufacturer: Rosengren Safes
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ROSENGRENS BANKERS Range of High Security Safes

The BANKERS range of safes provides burglary and fire protection for cash and irreplaceable documents within the limits decided by the insurance companies. The BANKERS range of safes has been rated in accordance with the common Scandinavian safe testing system SMS 3000 and awarded a points rating of 240/280.

In addition to this burglary resistance, the safes carry a fire protec­tion—Class A-90—Certificate, which means protection against severe fire for at least 90 minutes. Rosengrens BANKERS range of safes are available in 4 different burglary resistant classes, corresponding to different needs of protection.

The BANKERS range of safes has a similar specification to the old V3 classification. The Safe's body is 130mm thick and constructed of hardened concrete, reinforced with steel and metal profiles, being cast in one piece. The BANKERS is in addition, equipped with Rosengrens special Torch & Drill Resisting (TDR) material. The door, made of the same material, is 144mm thick. When closed it is secured to the safe by moving bolts, thus providing maximum protection around the entire door area. The strong construction of the safes ensures that they provide a high degree of protection against all the known methods of attack, such as drilling, oxygen cutting and explosives.

The BANKERS range of safes is available in FOUR different sizes and can be delivered with right or left hung door.

The very advanced bolt system is provided with a glass plate and dead and live relocking devices which protect the bolt mechanism against mechanical as well as thermic attacks.

The BANKERS has 2 fixed and 4 moveable bolts. Alternate models in the range have 4 fixed and 6 moveable bolts, i.e. 3-way moving bolts.

BANKERS safes have, as a standard, Rosengrens changeable keylock type ABN—1.
Optional Rosengrens combination lock CNAB—6.

The following combinations are available:

  • One ABN—1.
  • Two ABN—1.
  • One ABN—1 + One CNAB—6 (only with right hung door)
  • One CNAB—6.

BANKERS can be equipped with many different interiors depend­ing on use and need. The safes can have moveable or extending shelves, with lockable drawers or lockers and with filing rails.

Ivory White structured lacquer with anodized front strip.

The safes can be delivered with a 100mm high base with removeable front-plate which provides ease of handling when transported by a lifting device. The safes also can be provided with holes in the Base area and an assembling kit for securing the safe to the floor.

The BANKERS safes have a modern design and are specially shaped to fit the modern office.


  • Moveable shelf.
  • Extending shelf.
  • Lockable locker: internal height 175mm. Lockable locker: internal height 325mm.
  • Lockable drawer: internal height 75mm. Extending filing rail for A4 (305mm).


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Rosengren Bankers 6826 2500 1985 / 910 / 860 1735 / 670 / 530 616
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Model Rosengren Bankers 6826
Weight 2500
External H / W / D (mm) 1985 / 910 / 860
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1735 / 670 / 530
Volume (litres) 616
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