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Rosengren RS 2 5020

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Manufacturer: Rosengren Safes
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For over a century Rosengrens of Sweden nave specialized in the design and manufacture of heavy physical security equipment to protect high risk valuables. Rosengrens have installations in leading banks the world over.

Over the last decade Rosengrens have successfully established their wide range of Bankers Grade Safes, Fire Safes and Strongroom expertise in the U.K. These accumulated skills have lead to the manufacture in England of an additional RS RANGE of Safes which represent detailed consideration of modern formidable attack methods. Rosengrens now offer a range of safes that span the entire risk spectrum.

To provide adequate protection against modern attack methods such as severe force through power/hand tools, high speed drills, thermal cutting equipment and explosives, a composite specification is the only solution, incorporating several different barrier materials.

The RS-2 range benefits from advanced materials generally used in much higher grade safes. Each of the four available sizes has been designed to give complete all round protection creating a safe of unitary strength.

Modern manufacturing techniques and materials efficiency means the RS-2 range is cost effective for the individual user and large budget conscious multiple user.

The RS-2 range body is formed from high grade steel which contains a high crushing strength design mix concrete with delamination additives. This material has been proven superior to multi-layer barrier designs and the attacker is forced to vary his method – a frustrating, time increasing factor. The door houses moving boltwork and has fortified protection through a special cast barrier containing nuggets of extreme hardness.

A live and dead re-locking device (AED) protects the vital locking area. If activated through attack the bolts are rendered unlockable and so the safe is secured.

Colour: Each RS-2 safe is finished in a modern ivory white spatter finish.

Locks & Fittings: A 7-lever anti-pick/anti drill keylock is fitted as standard. A combination lock can be fitted in place of or in addition to the keylock. TWO keylocks can be fitted. A timelock maybe fitted to all sizes except 1812 size. A range of fittings includes adjustable shelves, lockable drawers and irretrievable deposit traps.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Rosengren RS 2 5020 1190 1473 / 711 / 762 1270 / 508 / 508 328
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Model Rosengren RS 2 5020
Weight 1190
External H / W / D (mm) 1473 / 711 / 762
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1270 / 508 / 508
Volume (litres) 328
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