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SLS Cash Guard A/T 2316

  • Cash rating
  • Digital lock availability
  • Key lock availability
DIMENSIONS - 762 / 584 / 622 mm
WEIGHT - 585 kg
VOLUME - 0 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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£1,300.00 excl VAT
PRICE - £975.00 excl VAT

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SLS Cashguard A/T Anti-Torch Safes

Employing materials and construction techniques previously used only in Heavy Range high security safes, SLS has designed the new Middle Range units to offer the greatest protection available for commercial and domestic applications.

These safes are designed to defeat the professional criminal using force, drills, explosive and oxyacetylene on the door related areas. In addition, protection against oxyacetylene attack is included in the body of the SLS Cashguard Anti-Torch, making this a truly Anti-Torch Safe.

The introduction of Zacalum (aluminium cast alloy slab, embodying refractory nuggets of exceptional hardness) offers substantially increased protection compared with conventional materials such as chrome-iron, while extra drill resistance is supplied with the strategic positioning of SLS patented 'Superamics' — vitrified ceramic pegs in an alloy matrix, over the vital locking areas.

Available in four sizes, these SLS Safes provide the ultimate flexibility of use and application, including a special small size — ideal for the domestic situation.

Safe Body — Immediately surrounding the 6mm inner steel lining, is the drill and torch resistant Zacalum bell, with a minimum thickness of 30mm. Protecting the alloy bell and contained within the 6mm outer body, is Wirand/Bascrete, giving an overall thickness of 90mm.

Safe Door — The advanced fabricated construction includes a special drill and torch resistant Zacalum casting, which gives protection over the whole door area. In addition, SLS 'Superamics' are used to give extra protection over the locking areas. There is a small infill, creating an overall thickness of 51mm.

Locking — safes can be secured by either the SLS 7-Lever anti-drill keylock or a 4-wheel keyless combination lock. These locks are readily interchangeable and dual locking can be provided at an extra cost.

Time Lock — 144 hour 2 or 3 movement timelock can be fitted to the sizes 2316, 3520 and 5020.

Re-Locking Devices — Live and dead relocking devices are fitted. The live device operates everytime the safe is locked, while the dead relocking device is activated only in the event of an attack. Random positions are adopted for the location of the relocking devices.

Boltwork — The boltwork moves on three sides of the door with bolts of 30mm diameter steel. The bolts lock directly into the inner body lining which has strong steel cups to receive the locking bolts. 30mm diameter bolts on the rear edge of the door complete massive interlocking of the door into the inner body lining giving exceptional resistance against both explosive and wedge attacks.

Floor Anchoring — Every safe is prepared for base fixing using a high tensile bolt, suitable for either concrete or wood floors. SLS recommends base fixing for all free standing safes.

Fittings — A full range of safe furniture i.e. shelves, lockable full-width and half-width drawers and lockable cupboards, is available.

Deposit Facilities — These safes can be equipped with a Deposit Chute for use with capsules.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
SLS Cash Guard A/T 2316 585 762 / 584 / 622 585 / 407 / 407 0
£1,300.00 excl VAT £975.00 excl VAT
Model SLS Cash Guard A/T 2316
Weight 585
External H / W / D (mm) 762 / 584 / 622
Internal H / W / D (mm) 585 / 407 / 407
Volume (litres) 0
£1,300.00 excl VAT £975.00 excl VAT