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Tann Treasury Series 2 575

  • Cash rating
  • Digital lock availability
  • Key lock availability
DIMENSIONS - 825 / 650 / 702 mm
WEIGHT - 1100 kg
VOLUME - 87 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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£3,000.00 incl tax
PRICE - £2,250.00 incl tax

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Established in 1795, John Tann is the oldest and most experienced safe manufacturer in the world. Governments, banks, financial institutions, jewellers and countless other businesses and individuals put their trust in John Tann. This completely new generation of Tann high quality cash safes incorporate the very latest developments in security engineering

The models in the Treasury Series 2 range have been introduced to meet the demand for even greater protection of cash and valuables over the next decade.

Developed and tested by a Tann team with more than 100 years of safe design between them, these safes leave nothing to chance.

Enclosed between heavy steel body plates is Tann’s unique composite barrier material Adamantium 3 or Tanncrete 2. Further selected reinforcing by steel pad anchors, grids, coils and manganese steel produces a door construction 120mm thick providing extreme resistance to all known forms of attack. All doors are removable to facilitate ease of installation.

The Tann design philosophy demands that the body of a safe is of equivalent strength to the door. Similar to the doors the bodies also encase selected reinforcing to provide superior all round burglary protection.

All safes are locked by a minimum of two locks with a choice of two 4 wheel combination locks, two Tann high security keylocks or one of each.

A tempered glass plate protects vital locking components.

The unique three way punch resistive boltwork, which incorporates live and dead re-locking devices, ensures an incredibly strong interlock between door and body. The safes can be fitted with a two movement timelock to prevent unauthorised opening during specified hours.

A full range of internal fittings are available including adjustable shelves, lockable drawers and cupboard units. Full details available on request.

A heavy duty rotary trap is available on selected models to enable deposits to be made whilst the safe remains securely locked. Not recommended for external use.

A 6mm diameter concealed hole has been provided in each safe for alarm wire access as required. This feature reduces the cost and possible damage when installing an alarm system to the safe.

John Tann is totally committed to delivering defect free products to all customers.

At John Tann we have a team of qualified engineers, who work to our strict procedures of quality control to ensure that all products not only conform to specifications, but are produced to the highest standards.

Our reputation of consistently supplying error free products is reflected by our ever increasing customer base.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Tann Treasury Series 2 575 1100 825 / 650 / 702 575 / 400 / 380 87
£3,000.00 incl tax £2,250.00 incl tax
Model Tann Treasury Series 2 575
Weight 1100
External H / W / D (mm) 825 / 650 / 702
Internal H / W / D (mm) 575 / 400 / 380
Volume (litres) 87
£3,000.00 incl tax £2,250.00 incl tax