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Established 1780 AtoZ Safes and Thomas Fox Safes are the oldest supplier of safes in the world, we specialize in Chubb Safes, Wall Safes. Home Safes, Cash Safes, Eurograded Safes, Jewellery Safes, Data Safes, Fire Safes, Deposit Safes, Under floor Safes, Filing Cabinets and Vaut Doors

All about Cash Safes and Security Safes

Cash safes are ideal for protecting valuable items such as money, jewellery and paper work/documents where fire protection is not a priority. These security safes are suitable for the home and business. It is important to purchase a security safes that is matched to the value it has to protect. These safes are graded by a given cash rating. The cash rating on a safe will help you decide the grade of the safe you need. Insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating of the valuables. For example, a £1,000 cash rating would become £10,000 for material contents (Please check this with your insurer first). Cash safes are designed to offer burglar resistance. The level of protection offered will depend upon the design of the safe i.e body thickness, (single or double walled construction) door thickness, locking mechanism and weight of the safe. All these design features will help determine the cash rating given to the safe.

All about Data Safes

Data safes are designed to protect your computer and media data, such as video and cassette tapes, from fire. Standard fire safes are NOT able to do so because all types of data media are extremely sensitive to heat. Data materials are much more fragile than paper documents and therefore have special requirements. Diskettes, for example, can be destroyed at temperatures far below the maximum specified for paper. All data safes ensure that the inner temperature of the safe remains below the melting point of 52 degrees Celsius (the temperature that would cause damage to magnetic media) for up to 2 hours depending on the model. Storage of disks also requires humidity levels to remain less then 85%. Data safes protect data media against all known risks; fire, heat, humidity, magnetism, burglary, sabotage and unauthorised access.

All about Paper Safes and Fire Safes

Fire safes are designed to provide a secure fireproof enviroment for the storage of paper documents. This is achieved by ensuring the inner temperature of the safe, cupboard or cabinet remains below 175 degrees Celsius, the temperature that would cause damage to paper. Fire protection safes, cupboards & cabinets are subjected to a variety of tests in time incriments of 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes within a controlled environment to make certain their maintainability. These safes are ideal for storing valuable documents such as wills, deeds, passports, birth certificates etc.


A vault safe or strongroom is a reinforced room or compartment in a building where valuables are stored such as in a bank, post office, hotel, pharmaceutical company or government ministry. Vault safes are completely enclosed to provide the ultimate protection against unauthorised access. There are different burglary protection armours depending on the grade of the protection required. Whether you wish to install an archive vault for the long term storage of essential records or a commercial vault for the protection of important valuables, we will be pleased to help you select the option most suitable to your security needs.

Ours vaults are custom ordered and installed. Please contact us if you require further information on our Chubb Safes, jewellery safes, wall safes, home safes, purchasing a vault or strong room.

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AtoZ Safe Warehouse and Thomasfox are the oldest safe company in the world est1780 years of experience in providing safes and locksmith services, offering quality products as well as independent advice on all aspects of cash safes, data safes, fireproof document safes, home security safes, high security safes, deposit security safes, wall safes, hotel safes, underfloor safes, laptop safes, key safes, furniture safes, and fire and security cabinets and cupboards.

As well as providing services for safes, we also have a team of qualified locksmiths to install, bypass and repair locks.


Our aims

We are committed to selling a high quality range of products from many of todays leading suppliers including Burton Safes, Chubb Safes, Dudley Safes, Format Safes, Kaso Safes, Rosengrens Safes, Safe International Safes, SMP Safes, Tann Safes and many more.

We understand that choosing the right safe can be complicated & time consuming so if you have any questions about security services or, perhaps, are uncertain of what you require, please don't hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise you.

AtoZ Safe Warehouse are market leaders in:
The supply of new safes and security equipment.
The reconditioning of quality BS 7582 reconditioned safes, vaults, data safes & paper safes.
Transportation and/or removal of all safes, vaults and heavy or delicate equipment.
The lending of security equipment for short or long term, film shoots, events etc.
Service work, fitting of additional locks and time delays.